The Gone World

I am a huge Science-Fiction fan when it comes to television and movies but find myself not reading too many Sci-Fi books.  In an effort to familiarize myself more with this genre, I looked up the best Sci-Fi books of the year and “The Gone World” popped up on a few lists.  The premise got me interested right away because I love anything to do with time travel and altering the time line.  You will enjoy this book if you like stories that keep you guessing the entire time and leave you with questions even after the last page is read.

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The Dreamers

Wow, was this a great book.  When I saw this book being recommended to fans of “Station Eleven” and “Never Let Me Go” I knew I had to read it.  It honestly exceeded my expectations and is a book I thought about for days after I read it.  My fear when reading a book like this is that the idea is going to be better than the execution and the payoff.  Luckily, Thompson Walker was able to take an amazingly interesting concept and write a beautiful, thought-provoking novel about what could happen to society when the unexplained occurs.

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