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  • Nature Poem

    Nature Poem

    Title: Nature Poem Author: Tommy Pico Series: N/A Publication Date: May 9th, 2017 Format:  Book Genre: Poetry Sub Genre(s):  Contemporary, LGBTQ+ Summary: Nature Poem follows Teebs—a young, queer, American Indian (or NDN) poet—who can’t bring himself to write a nature poem. For the reservation-born, urban-dwelling hipster, the exercise feels stereotypical, reductive, and boring. He hates nature. […]

  • Happy Trail

    Happy Trail

    A few years ago, romance author Penny Reid “opened up her Universe to allow several different authors to publish stories set there, either new stories about characters readers are already familiar with, or brand new characters.”  These books are being published under the Smartypants Romance publishing house and have allowed fans of Reid’s (like me!) […]

  • Where The Crawdads Sing

    Where The Crawdads Sing

    This book has been EVERYWHERE recently and its popularity seems to have come out of nowhere.  It has appeared on a bunch of best of lists and has been the pick for numerous book clubs.  My library currently has 30 people waiting to get their hands on this book so the hype isn’t going anywhere.  […]