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  • Love Her or Lose Her

    Love Her or Lose Her

    I read a lot of romances last year and one of the most enjoyable was Tessa Bailey’s “Fix Her Up.”  So I was really excited to read her next book in the Hot & Hammered series “Love Her or Lose Her.”  Bailey’s books are always fun with minimal angst and are good for a quick […]

  • The Wedding Party

    The Wedding Party

    Jasmine Guillory could write books as part of the “Wedding Date” series for the rest of her life and I would read every single one.  They are just fun, quick, enjoyable romances with great in-depth characters and happily ever afters.  This is the third in the series and I think I loved this one the […]

  • Dating By The Book

    Dating By The Book

    I am on a romance reading kick right now due to my reading group studying the genre so I was looking forward to reading this book based on the good reviews and the description: a romance set in a bookstore with literacy references and romance heroes straight from novels.  However, this book really didn’t live […]

  • Dragon Bound

    Dragon Bound

    I read this book as part of my Adult Reading Round Table’s paranormal romance meeting.   I wanted to pick something a bit different from the vampire and werewolf books that have been very popular over the past few years….and I came across a whole sub-genre called dragon shifting.  I had no idea what to expect […]

  • Rafe: A Buff Male Nanny

    Rafe: A Buff Male Nanny

    Sometimes a book comes along that is exactly what you think it’s going to be…like when a book is called “Rafe: A Buff Male Nanny.”  I went into this book hoping to read a hot romance about two attractive people and that’s what I got.   However, the actual story was pretty good and there was […]