Category: Romance

  • The Soldier’s Scoundrel

    The Soldier’s Scoundrel

    This was my first Cat Sebastian book after having heard about her for a while.  A good friend of mine likes her a lot so when the quarantine hit, I grabbed a bunch of hers to read because I thought they would be quick fun reads that would help me escape from the real world […]

  • A Lesson in Thorns

    A Lesson in Thorns

    I said in a previous post that Sierra Simone is quickly becoming my go to author for erotica but my issues with the last series of hers that I read almost stopped me from picking this book up.  It is the first book in a series that is still being published so I decided to […]

  • The Bromance Book Club

    The Bromance Book Club

    What a refreshing romance this was!  Most hetero romance novels center on the female characters and spend little time on the male characters.  This book takes what we think about romances and flips it around.  I was really charmed by this book and can’t wait to read the rest of this series.

  • The Worst Best Man

    The Worst Best Man

    I have been meaning to read a Mia Sosa book for a while, so when her newest was released I decided to give it a try. This felt like a movie romantic comedy and had some genuine funny moments that had me laughing out loud.  However, the romance itself was just so-so and I found […]

  • New Camelot Trilogy

    New Camelot Trilogy

    Whoa boy, this book series.  Sierra Simone has become my go-to for well-written erotica and this book didn’t disappoint if you are looking for something very, very sexy. If you are looking for a super dramatic, smut filled romance, look no further.  However, by book 3, I was beginning to tire of all the sex […]