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  • The Cactus League

    The Cactus League

    When I picked this book up, I expected to read about baseball.  While the central theme is about America’s pastime, this book is more about the relationships between several characters that happen to all have a connection.  Maybe I was hoping for more baseball but this book, which I enjoyed, could have been a home […]

  • 11/22/63


    Readers, I have something to confess… I am a librarian who has never read a Stephen King book.  Shocking, I know.  In my defense, I am not a horror fan and anything I read or consume that is even remotely horror is very specific (I know what I can handle.)  But Mr. King has written […]

  • The Lager Queen of Minnesota

    The Lager Queen of Minnesota

    This was a book club pick and read like one.  Some interesting characters and situations that led to a fairly good discussion about our thoughts.  I liked the overall story and the writing and would recommend this book to someone looking for a light, family drama.

  • The Glass Hotel

    The Glass Hotel

    There are authors out there that write books that require contemplation when finished.  They require thought and analysis and ask the reader to think about what they just read.  Emily St. John Mandel is one such author.  Whenever I read her books, I think “this is how books should be written.”  The problem with “The […]

  • Strange Weather in Tokyo

    Strange Weather in Tokyo

    I picked this book up because it fit one of my reading challenge prompts (a book translated from an Asian language) and because the cover caught my eye.  Never let anyone tell you that covers don’t matter.  This was a fairly quick read and felt more like various vignettes than a novel but there was […]