Murder in her Stocking


Murder in her Stocking


G.A. McKevett


Granny Reid

Release Date:

October 30, 2018






Christmas, Cozy


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Summary: Christmas has arrived in sleepy McGill, Georgia, but holiday cheer can’t keep temperamental Stella Reid from swinging a rolling pin at anyone who crosses her bad side–and this season, there are plenty. First an anonymous grinch vandalizes a celebrated nativity display. Far worse, the scandalous Prissy Carr is found dead in an alley behind a tavern. With police puzzled over the murder, Stella decides to stir the local gossip pot for clues on the culprit’s identity . . .

Turns out Prissy held a prominent spot on the naughty list, and suspects pile up like presents on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, the more progress Stella makes, the more fears she must confront. With a neighbor in peril and the futures of her beloved grandchildren at risk, Stella must somehow set everything straight and bring a cunning criminal to justice before December 25th . . .

What I Liked: Before picking this book up, I didn’t realize it was a spin-off of another very popular series but I didn’t feel lost or confused at all while reading. McKevett also did a great job  setting the scene and creating a sense of place that felt authentic to the time.  Stella “Granny” Reid was a DELIGHT and I loved her character so much. It’s never easy to write a character that is tough and kind but Granny Reid is a fantastic combination of both. McKevett also did a wonderful job of taking a “not perfect” victim and treating her with respect, while also showing how prevalent slut-shaming and anti-women sentiments are in our society. This could have come off as preachy but it doesn’t. Every side character (and there were a lot!) was a great addition and I felt the story wouldn’t work as well without them. I found myself laughing more than I thought and thought the writing was very clever.

What I Didn’t Like: At times, the mystery seemed to be an afterthought while most of the book focused on the relationships between Stella and her grandkids and the burgeoning relationship between Stella and Sheriff Manny Gilford. I personally enjoyed this aspect of the book but readers looking for an engrossing mystery might be disappointed. 

Who Should Read It: Obviously, if you’re a fan of the Savannah Reid mysteries that came before this series, I think you’ll love this book. But people unfamiliar with the other series (like me!) will also enjoy this one. 

Review Wrap Up: Wow, I did NOT expect to like this book as much as I did, or for this story to tackle difficult topics like child abuse, alcoholism, and social class in such a kind manner.  The characters, especially Granny Reid and Savannah were fun and engaging and I can’t wait to read more of this series!

Favorite Quote:

“Everybody’s deserving of human kindness, darlin’. And besides, we don’t treat people according to who they are. We treat them according to who we are, and we try our best to be decent people, even if we do come up short lots of time. It’s the tryin’ that counts.”

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