The Dead Romantics

Title: The Dead Romantics

Author: Ashley Poston

Series: N/A

Publication Date: June 28, 2022

Format: E-Book

Genre: Romance

Sub Genre(s): Contemporary, Paranormal

Summary: Florence Day is the ghostwriter for one of the most prolific romance authors in the industry, and she has a problem—after a terrible breakup, she no longer believes in love. It’s as good as dead.

When her new editor, a too-handsome mountain of a man, won’t give her an extension on her book deadline, Florence prepares to kiss her career goodbye. But then she gets a phone call she never wanted to receive, and she must return home for the first time in a decade to help her family bury her beloved father.

For ten years, she’s run from the town that never understood her, and even though she misses the sound of a warm Southern night and her eccentric, loving family and their funeral parlor, she can’t bring herself to stay. Even with her father gone, it feels like nothing in this town has changed. And she hates it.

Until she finds a ghost standing at the funeral parlor’s front door, just as broad and infuriatingly handsome as ever, and he’s just as confused about why he’s there as she is.

Romance is most certainly dead . . . but so is her new editor, and his unfinished business will have her second-guessing everything she’s ever known about love stories.—From Goodreads

What I Liked: The concept for this book is what caught my attention for its uniqueness—a woman who has to confront the ghosts of her past while she literally sees ghosts? I wasn’t sure this was an idea that could be pulled off effectively and my fear was that the “seeing ghosts” aspect would be too over the top and not fit into the romance story. However, Poston managed to create a believable love story despite the hero being a ghost and pulls off the “quirky heroine” trope quite well. Florence’s family was a hoot and I wanted them to be real so I could live in a world where people like them exist. Despite her family’s oddness, their problems were believable, especially the issues Florence and her sister are dealing with and their relationship was a highlight for me. This book is also a wonderful reminder that everyone grieves in different ways and that grief takes time, sometimes more than you think.  

What I Didn’t Like: I had a hard time believing in the romance at first because Florence seemed too all over the place and Ben seemed too put together for them to ever find the other attractive.

Who Should Read It: Fans of offbeat, weird stories will find this book fun. And if you’re a romance reader who is looking for something different, this would be a great pick.

Review Wrap Up: This book may be too “twee and quirky for the sake of being twee and quirky” for some but for me it was exactly what I was looking for at exactly the right time-a book that took me away from the real world for a few hours and made me laugh and cry happy tears. If you’re willing to immerse yourself in the world Poston has created and not think too hard, I thik you’ll enjoy this one.

Favorite Quote: “Love wasn’t a whisper in the quiet night. It was a yelp into the void, screaming that you were here.


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