Love Her or Lose Her

I read a lot of romances last year and one of the most enjoyable was Tessa Bailey’s “Fix Her Up.”  So I was really excited to read her next book in the Hot & Hammered series “Love Her or Lose Her.”  Bailey’s books are always fun with minimal angst and are good for a quick read.

Dominic and Rosie are high school sweethearts who have been married for almost 10 years and while the passion in the bedroom hasn’t waned, their relationship has stalled. When Rosie leaves Dominic he is determined to get her back, even if that means attending marriage counseling and stepping out of his comfort zone.  Through a series of assignments from their therapist, both realize that the problems in their marriage aren’t one sided and work must be done to repair the damage.   Can they be honest with each other, even if means revealing secrets long held?

Things I Liked:

There are a lot of tropes used in romance books and second chance at love is a popular one. It was refreshing to see this trope changed a bit by having a married couple as the protagonists.  I liked knowing that Rosie and Dominic had a history together and it made it easier to understand the problems they were having.  Like all her books, Bailey uses humor really well and this book was no exception.  The dialogue was goofy yet relatable and I loved the relationships between the Just Us League girls and Dominic’s friends.  As always, the sex scenes were descriptive and hot and very well written.

Things I didn’t Like:

Some of the transitions from scene to scene were jarring and it wasn’t easy to follow some of the conversations due to a lack of describing what was going on in the scene.  The resolution seemed to come too easily and a lot of the issues Rosie and Dominic were having didn’t seem to be resolved.    


Overall, this was a fun, quick romance.  Not a lot of drama and some very good love scenes.  I like the characters enough that I will pick up the 3rd in the series when it is released but the writing isn’t the best.  

Author:  Tessa Bailey

Published:  January 14th 2020

Rating:  3.5 Stars

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