The Wedding Party

Jasmine Guillory could write books as part of the “Wedding Date” series for the rest of her life and I would read every single one.  They are just fun, quick, enjoyable romances with great in-depth characters and happily ever afters.  This is the third in the series and I think I loved this one the most.

Maddie and Theo hate each other.  Which would be fine except they share a best friend, Alexa, and have both been asked to stand up in her wedding.   After accidentally spending the night together, they both agree it was a one-time slip up that won’t be happening again.   But they can’t seem to stop seeing each other, despite their mutual dislike for each other so they agree to keep their relationship causal and a secret until the wedding.   What happens when the end is near and both are beginning to catch feelings? Can two opposites really fall in love?

Things I Liked:

I have discovered that I really enjoy the enemies to lover’s trope in romance novels and this is a great one.  Sometimes the characters are so unlikable that it’s hard to believe that they would even have friends, let alone find a romantic partner.  This isn’t the case for this book.  Maddie and Theo are both nice people who had an unfortunate first meeting that led each to believe the other was a jerk.  I had no trouble believing that they would fall for each other once their misunderstandings were fixed.

I really loved Theo and Maddie as characters.  They were sure of who they are and confident as individuals but also willing to learn and grow as people.  Their banter was really fun and playful and the evolution of their relationship was believable.   I enjoyed seeing the glimpses of Alexa and Drew from “The Proposal.”  They were in this book enough to make sure the story made sense but not enough to distract from Maddie and Theo’s story.   I also appreciated the honesty in which Alexa and Maddie discussed how their relationship would change once Alexa was married.  I think this is a very real issue friends have and it was refreshing to see it discussed in a romance novel.


Things I Didn’t Like:

I enjoyed everything about this book.  My one complaint is minor and didn’t take away my enjoyment of the story.  The time jumps in the beginning of the book were a little jarring. I understand their necessity but thought there could have been a more natural way to convey that time had moved forward.



I really like Jasmine Guillory’s books because they are fun and easy to read, with minimal angst, and always a happily ever after (or for now.)   I adore the friendships and that the main characters are adults who make mistakes but are always true to themselves.  I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a beach read or something fun and enjoyable to read on vacation.

Author:  Jasmine Guillory

Expected Publication Date:  July 16, 2019

Rating: 5 Stars

*I received an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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