Fix Her Up

They say never judge a book by the cover but the reason I requested an ARC copy of the newest from Tessa Bailey was due, in part, to the bright and colorful cover.  I expected a fun read about 2 people falling in love with the backdrop of house flipping.  While this book wasn’t anything like that, I enjoyed it and would definitely read the next in the series as well as more from Bailey.

Georgie Castle is the youngest in a family of home renovators but decided to forge her own career path as a professional clown, hired to entertain the town’s children at birthday parties.  She has always been seen as the “little sister” and no one seems to take her seriously, especially her family. Travis Ford was destined for great things as the town’s baseball star and had his sights on a long career in the majors until an injury forced him to retire at 28. He returns home, lost and angry, with no idea what to do next.  When Georgie, who happens to be his best friend’s sister, proposes a plan to help them both out, Travis is reluctant.  Can they both become who they were meant to be without feelings getting in the way?

I would be very happy if all contemporary romance books read like this one did.   There was nothing surprising in this book or too angsty.  It was funny and light-hearted while still being smart and at times emotional.  Georgie was a great character because you can understand why she feels like she does.  She genuinely loves being a clown (which is a very funny sentence to write).   She likes making kids happy and her job fulfills her.  The issue is the town and how they can’t seem to realize she’s a grownup and take her seriously…which leads to her having a makeover.  BUT—this isn’t a typical book makeover where the heroine never realized how beautiful she actually was and now everything about her changes once she puts on a dress and heels.  Georgie’s makeover makes her feel more adult and in turn changes the way she presents herself and interacts with her family and the town.  It was refreshing to read.  In fact, what I liked most about this book was that Bailey took what could be overused romance tropes (virgin, man who sleeps around, small town etc…) and made them feel believable in the context of the story.  It’s not a stretch of the imagination to believe that Travis dates and sleeps around.  It’s also not unbelievable that Georgie, living in a small own and being a clown, has a hard time dating.  Overall, these plot devices worked for me.  In terms of the spiciness level, don’t let the cutesy cover fool you.   There are several sex scenes and they are hot, filled with description and dirty talk.

This book was my first by Tessa Bailey and I very much enjoyed it.  I would recommend to people looking for something fun with a believable story and characters.  I look forward to reading more by this author.

*I received an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

Author: Tessa Bailey

Expected Publication Date: June 11th 2019

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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