My Fair Gentleman

For my ARRT meeting this month, we had to read a gentle romance—a genre that I really had no desire to read.  One of the suggestions was a series of “proper romance” books that at least sounded somewhat interesting to me.  Most in the series seem to be retellings of classic stories, including this one.  I enjoyed this book and would read others in the series.

Jack, a sailor, who is happier spending time on the water than on land, has been summoned by his grandfather, the Earl of Stansworth to receive an inheritance he thought was long gone.  Jack wants nothing to do with the man that cut off his family but the Earl knows Jack will do anything to help his mother and sister.  Jack needs to learn how to be a proper gentlemen, and quick, so when Ivy offers her help, he begrudgingly accepts. What starts out as a simple tutoring arrangement soon turns to romance as Jack and Ivy realize their feelings for each other.  When someone seems to be after Jack and his money, they must find the culprit before it’s too late.

This was a pretty fun book and read much like a Victorian romance with not a lot of kissing and touching but a lot of long looks and thighs touching to amp up the romance.  Because this is a retelling of “My Fair Lady,” there wasn’t much to be surprised about in terms of plot but Campbell Allen does add a bit of a spin to her story with the addition of a mysterious threat against Jack and his newly acquired Earldom.  Jack and Ivy were both likeable, even when frustrated with each other and the writing was pretty good.  There was nothing angsty about this book, it was just a pleasant, quick read of a familiar story.  I would recommend to romance fans and especially people who are looking for a romance without a lot of adult material.

Author:   Nancy Campbell Allen

Published: 2016

Rating:  4 Stars

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