Bound to be a Groom

This was a book that I read for my reading round table erotica meeting and this was definitely erotic.  So much so that most of the book was just sex scenes and there was very little plot or character development.  If you are looking for porn on a page, this is your book.

The year is 1808 and Anna has fallen in love with her best friend Pia.  They live in a convent and need to come up with a way that will allow them to be together. Anna decides that she is going to leave the convent and become a courtesan so she can earn enough money to make a life for her and Pia.  When she meets Sebastian, they decide to marry and invite Pia into their relationship  Soon the 3 of them are on a trip to meet with Sebastian’s ex-lover Farleigh who wants to join the fun.

I can appreciate this book for what it is—historic erotica between 4 consenting adults.  There was very little back story or any explanation given as to who these characters are. The first chapter of the book reads like we should know why Pia and Anna live in the convent—as though we started reading mid-book.  It was very confusing and took me a few chapters to understand who was who and how they knew each other.   I will say that it was refreshing that the author included talk of consent in this book.  My experience reading erotica is paltry but I have noticed that consent is usually murky and I am sometimes left feeling uncomfortable about what I just read.  There were no such feelings during this book.  Consent is discussed a few times and I very much appreciated that.

Honestly, there is not much I can say about this book other than it’s perfect if you are looking for nothing more than several sex scenes and very little plot.

Author:  Megan Mulry

Published: 2014

Rating: 2 Stars

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