Better Not Pout

LGBT Romance is a new genre for me.  I have read some romance in the past and it’s a genre that I have been reading more recently in my personal genre study.   I didn’t know what to except when I started this book but ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would.

I did have some minor issues with the age difference between the characters (more on that later) and Nick’s fairly quick transformation from gruff, Christmas hating Sergeant Major to loving, holiday spirit filled guy but I thought that was a fun holiday read.

A few things I liked about this book:

-Teddy and his wonderful, loving, supportive family.

-The tight-knit community that welcomed Nick from the very beginning

-The Christmas spirit that was prevalent throughout the book


A few things I didn’t like about this book:

-I wish there were more scenes that showed Nick and Teddy falling in love and not just having sex (this seems weird to say about a romance novel but I wanted to see more of what made the characters actually want to commit to each other besides hot sex).

-The main characters seemed a bit cookie cutter to me (young, happy guy that falls for older, curmudgeon)

-The age difference was a bit strange to me because when it was first brought up in the book, I thought it would have been a bigger part of the story.   When it wasn’t, it left me questioning why the author decided to make the age gap so large.

Overall, this was a quick, fun read that got me excited for the Christmas season.  While there were things I liked, there were some issues I had with the characters and the ending that seemed rushed.

Author:  Annabeth Albert

Published: 2018

Rating:  3.5 Stars

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