Picture Perfect Cowboy

Wow, wow, wow. I am not too familiar with the erotica genre and was looking for one that was well written, with interesting characters, and an actual plot line. I got lucky with this book.

The main characters, Jason and Tiffany, are both fleshed out enough that when they do start their relationship, you can understand their motivations and desires, This wasn’t a book where they just jump into bed without any reason or completely change who they are in order to be with someone, Jason’s hesitance and reluctance to explore an “alternative” lifestyle is understandable and Tiffany’s confidence in who she is was admirable. I found myself rooting for them which is what a good romance does.

The dialogue between the two was realistic as was the reason they part and come back together (I would warn about a spoiler but it seems to be a pre-requisite that all romances don’t run smoothly and there are bumps along the way). This book wasn’t ever overly dramatic or cheesy (okay there was some cheese but most romances have this as well) but I didn’t find myself rolling my eyes as I have done while reading other romance novels.

Overall, I would highly recommend this to people looking for a smart, hot, erotic novel.


Author:  Tiffany Reisz

Published: 2018

Rating: 5 Stars

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