Crocodile on the Sandbank

This is a book that I have seen appear on many “best of” lists in the past and has been on my radar for a while. While I enjoyed the book as a whole, I thought the start was slow and the writing style took some getting used to.

From the beginning, I knew I would like the main character, Amelia. I always like head strong, independent women and Amelia is definitely someone who embodies this. She doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do and she is content to forge her own path in life. The supporting characters were well written and served their purpose of being foils to Amelia. I especially liked Radcliffe and his blustering anger that seemed to always be pointed towards Amelia.

I enjoyed this book enough to want to read more of the series but I also don’t mind picking them up later.


Author:   Elizabeth Peters

Published: 1975

Rating: 4 Stars

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