Batman: White Night

I read a lot of graphic novels but not a lot of Super Hero stories but I always enjoyed the character of Batman and the different incarnations of his story that have been told over the years.

This is a really strong start to what looks to be an interesting story. The artwork is amazing and seems to be a perfect blend of old school Batman with a new, modern way of envisioning the characters. The colors chosen worked well with the dark theme of the issue and the drawings were easy to follow and understand.

I really enjoyed the idea of The Joker being the good guy and Batman being the villain (at least in the eyes of some in Gotham) and I thought the authors did a good job in making The Joker’s reasoning understandable. Everything he says about Batman makes sense! I won’t go as far as saying I am now rooting for The Joker but the idea behind this story is interesting and makes me want to continue this series.


Author:  Sean Gordon MurphyMatt Hollingsworth (Illustrator), Lee Loughridge (Illustrator)

Published: 2018

Rating: 4 Stars

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